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Microblading is a semi-permanent eyebrow enhancement procedure. Pigment is “scratched” into the skin in a manner that mimics natural hair growth. Unlike traditional permanent makeup in which the technician uses a tattoo machine to fill in the brow completely, this procedure is done with a manual tool and the brow will have a softer hair-like appearance. This is the most natural option for eyebrow enhancement.

Montecito Brow Studio

Appointments take approximately two and a half hours. In the first hour Michelle Kass will map and wax the brows. Client must then sit for about 30 minutes to numb before the hour long microblading session will take place.

Pigment is chosen based on each client’s skin tone and hair color. Pigments come in a wide range of color and are often custom blended for each client. The technician will use their judgement as well as the client’s personal preference when deciding on color and brow shape.

A topical cream anesthetic is applied to the brow area. This promotes a more pleasant procedure, but everyone’s pain tolerance is different and does not guarantee an absolute pain-free experience. If the client has thin skin they may bleed slightly during the procedure.

Aftercare is a major factor in the healing process and results of the procedure. The brows cannot get directly wet for 10 days after the procedure. This means no sweating or directly washing the face. Brows will also appear darker during the week following the procedure and some skin flaking will occur as they heal.

The longevity of the eyebrow enhancement differs client to client. Such factors include, but are not limited to: age, sun exposure, and the skin’s oil levels. Results could last 1 to 3 years.

The price is $600 and includes the second touch up appointment (eyebrow wax not included.) The touch up appointment must be done 4-8 weeks after the first procedure to go over any lines that may have faded or not healed evenly.

The technician, Jeana Gerritsen, as well as Montecito Brow Studio have obtained a health permit from Santa Barbara County Public Health Department for the practice of permanent cosmetics. Doing so without a health permit is highly illegal as well as dangerous. The Health Department has insured that we are aware of any risks involved in our activities and insured that we engage in strict practices that keep ourselves as well as our customers safe and healthy.